Chocholik 85% Cocoa Intense Dark Chocolate, Colombian Bar, 100g

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  • Crafted by master chocolatiers, Chocholik Intense Dark Chocolate perfectly combine the most refined cocoa beans and the finest ingredients.
  • The luxurious Dark Chocolate offers 85% Cocoa for the lovers of the Dark. Each slice is pure bliss from heaven.
  • This ultimate Dark Chocolate has a strong flavour, full-bodied cocoa taste and intense smell.
  • The taste is the most intense chocolate experience, delivering happiness with superb texture and a superior melt.
  • Suitable for vegetarians, it is safe for regular consumption. Store in a cool and dry place.
Chocholik Intense Dark Chocolate is a luxury bar that is a sheer treat to your senses. With 85% Cocoa content, it delivers a satisfying crisp snap of exceptionally rich ingredients to add sweetness to any special occasion. It is specifically created to savour the palate, with each bit of chunk giving a smooth texture and ending your day on a perfect note. It melts into your mouth and treats your senses, making it your favorite all-time snack. It is healthy for regular consumption.